3 Main Negative Points of Free Logo Maker Software

Free Logo Maker Software

Is a free logo generator a good enough tool to create a logo that truly represents a brand? Many first-time business owners ask this question. Well, there are simply lots of upsides and downsides to using a free logo generator to create a business logo. But it all boils down to exactly how much time you take to do your research and your level of creativity. In this segment, we’re going to look at the negative points of using free logo download software to create your logo.

1)   Many free logo maker software tend to be illegal

Most free logo maker generators don’t follow the law when it comes to creating websites for designing logos. That’s why it’s pretty hard to come by legal free logo making software. Something that operates illegally can have negative consequences. They may be there to harness vital information from customers and steal from them. So you should be very careful when choosing a free logo maker generator to create your own logo. Do your own due diligence before you choose any free logo maker software to create your logo.

2)   Most free logo maker software is outdated

The developers of free logo maker generators never bother to update their software. And why should they do that when they are offering it for free. A free logo maker software that is not regularly updated means you won’t enjoy the latest features and elements that can help you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, creating your logo using free logo makers will result in generic logos. Generic logos won’t do you any favors about taking your brand to the next level.

3)   Free logo maker software come with limited features

Creating unique, eye-catching and impactful logo is the mantra of the new age. To be able to achieve that kind of logo, you need free logo download software that comes with robust, innovative features. Some free logo generators don’t even offer the option to customize your logo. Plus, few come with free premade templates. With limited features, there is no way you’re going to create a unique, eye-catching and memorable logo. And most free logo makers come with free options and entice you to sign up for a premium plan to be able to enjoy unlimited features.


The truth is that free logo makers come with more negative than positive points. The adage ‘’you get what you pay for’’ is true here. When you sign up for free logo maker software, know that you’re not going to get a great logo.